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Toolkit of Further Resources: Autism

Some of the following resources are external to the SCALE Project. They were identified and reviewed by the project partners and felt to be high quality and useful resources to add additional support to the materials included in the project. The project team cannot take responsibility for the content of external sources but share the links in good faith to provide additional support and resources. Web sites open in a new tab.

Systematic Review of Articles

Gelbar, N. W., Smith, I., & Reichow, B. (2014) ̔Systematic review of articles describing experience and supports of individuals with autism enrolled in college and university programs.̕ Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders44(10), 2593–2601.

Best Practice Guidelines (web page gives access to a downloadable link)

National Autistic Society Web Page

Top 5 Autism Tips: Autistic Students at University

Anxiety and how it Affects People with Autism

A Downloadable Students Guide to College/Higher Education

Ted Talk: Kerry Magro

Managing ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and Concussion in School

Synapsis – website – specialist training website relating to Autism

Autyzm w szkole – website

Good Practice Guide

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