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Pros and Cons: Tutorials and One to One Meetings

Over and above the general benefits outlined on the previous page, tutorials and one to ones are claimed to have some quite specific benefits to HE students. These include:

  • developing communication and collaborative working skills
  • applying knowledge gained in lectures, background research and other sources
  • jointly working to solve problems in a small team
  • offers an opportunity to test and deepen understanding of topics
  • learn from other students – their ideas and approach
  • clarify any concepts that might not have been understood.
  • a confidential and safe space to discuss issues of concern
  • focussed time to explore key academic or pastoral topics

Pause for thought

Are there different ways in which tutorials and one to ones could be delivered?

Is attendance at tutorials compulsory or optional?

What alternatives to face to face tutorials might be offered? What are the pros and cons of these alternatives?

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