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Toolkit of Further Resources: Physical and Sensory Impairments

Some of the following resources are external to the SCALE Project. They were identified and reviewed by the project partners and felt to be high quality and useful resources to add additional support to the materials included in the project. The project team cannot take responsibility for the content of external sources but share the links in good faith to provide additional support and resources. Web sites open in a new tab.

Support Centre for People with Disabilities: Tips for Teachers to work with Disabled Students

Blind or Partially Sighted: Myth or Fact

Make a Difference: Tips for Teaching Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Handbook

Chronic Health Conditions: Myth or Fact

Disability Sensitivity Training Video

Stepping Up: Quality Standards for Young Deaf Learners in Further Education

Deaf-friendly Teaching: for Further Education Staff

Stella Young: I am Not Your Inspiration

ADCET (Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training) Information and Resource Page

Research Article: Student Experiences in Higher Education

Kendall, L. (2016) ̔Higher education and disability: Exploring student experiences. Cogent Education, 3(1), 1–12.

Tedx: Service Dogs and Invisible Disabilities

Fundacja Instytut Rozwoju Regionalnego – website (Foundation Institute for Regional Development) – on-line portal

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